KeyLink Payroll Services for New Zealand based Businesses

Business Payroll Services

Enjoy peace of mind with a guaranteed payroll processing service from KeyLink. Outsource your payroll, and benefit from an efficient, effective and reliable payroll service.

Here are the top 4 reasons businesses choose KeyLink for their payroll services:

1. Staff are paid correctly, on time, every time

KeyLink's business payroll processing service ensures that all your staff are paid correctly and on time. Paychecks will be processed regardless of sick staff or holidays - even if there is a fire in your building; or in ours! (We have a tested disaster recovery plan). 

If you forget to send in your timesheets we will politely follow up. You can focus on running your business efficiently, while we take care of the payroll.

2. Payroll compliance ensured

KeyLink keeps up with changing IRD and MBIE regulations - and we'll let you know if they affect you. KeyLink is responsible for ensuring that your tax return filing and tax payments are done on time. We even look after information requests from Statistics NZ, ACC, WINZ, and the IRD. If payroll issues arise, we can deal with these agencies directly on your behalf.

All of this means that you can relax, knowing that your payroll processing obligations are in safe hands.

3. Payroll problems solved professionally

In the event of a discussion with an employee over the amount they have been paid you can get us involved. We can listen to both sides of the argument and help you come up with a plan you are comfortable with.

If there has been a payroll error for any reason we can generally pay your employee the same day, or the paycheck can be processed overnight. If we caused the payroll problem, our guarantee means we will cover any out of pocket expenses.

4. Competitive professional payroll prices

KeyLink’s small business payroll processing services are priced very competitively, starting from just $140 + GST a month for up to 15 employees, paid monthly.

Compare this with the cost of your time to process your payroll, filing tax returns with the IRD, making staff payments, keeping up to date with payroll legislation changes and updating your payroll software.

Medium Business Payroll Services

As your business grows, our payroll services grow with you. We provide payroll services to over 100 businesses in a wide range of industries, including Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Childhood Education, Logistics, Call centres, Hospitality - and many more.

With our wide range of customer industries, we can tailor a payroll processing solution that meets your exact requirements. We can implement time and attendance systems that allocate time to cost centres and/or jobs. We can also implement rules that automatically apply different rates for overtime, or Time in Lieu management.

Payroll reports can be sent to different managers according to their cost centre responsibilities, or relevant people within your business can be given online access for real time data insights and reporting access.

KeyLink provides businesses with all the payroll services required - at a competitive price.

Corporate Payroll Services for Large Companies & Global Businesses

Many major New Zealand companies outsource their payroll processing to KeyLink. Our reputation for reliability and expertise is well proven, and we are more than happy to provide testimonials.

Our payroll processing systems are second to none, and our highly experienced team of payroll staff know the field inside and out. We have fantastic staff loyalty, and as a result our payroll team are exceptionally knowledgeable. Our payroll business is built on long term client relationships and we strive to provide New Zealand's best payroll processing service.

We will be more than happy to speak to you about your business requirements and tailor-make a payroll service that delivers exactly what you need.

Outsource your payroll processing to KeyLink

Step away from the stress of processing payrolls, dealing with the IRD, fixing mistakes and answering questions from employees and managers. KeyLink will take payroll processing off your hands and free up your time. We guarantee our payroll work!

All you need to do is prepare your timesheets - we can:

  • Process your corporate payroll from timesheets to payslips, payments, reports and IRD filing and payments. 
  • Deal with IRD on all payroll related issues.
  • Handle all your employee and manager’s questions.


Time andAttendance Input Sheet EmployeeSelf Service EmployeeChanges Calculator Reports IRD Payments Payslips APPROVAL

KeyLink also handles requests for information from and payments to:

  • Accident Compensation Corporation
  • Work and Income
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Kainga Ora
  • Banks and other lenders

KeyLink can calculate Job Costing information in conjunction with our Time and Attendance systems.

Contact us for information and a free quote on your payroll services!