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Top 5 Reasons to Outsource your Payroll in New Zealand


Outsourcing your payroll takes work off your desk, and lets you get on with business. You can relax, knowing that payroll processing will happen regardless of how busy you are. 


1. On call payroll experts, working for you

We'll take care of all your payroll processing and ensure that your business complies with New Zealand's payroll regulations. These can be complex, especially around the 2003 Holidays Act, but KeyLink's payroll expertise means we'll make sure you're sorted. Your team can relax, and get on with business - while we take care of your payroll.

We can create the right level of payroll service for your business, and you'll get personalised account management and attention. We check your data each pay period, ensuring that we are familiar with each of your staff and can answer any payroll questions promptly.


2. Save payroll processing time, maximise payroll efficiency & accuracy

When you outsource your payroll to KeyLink, all you need to do is to send us your timesheet information each pay period, and we will do the rest. Our payroll outsourcing service means you will have more time to build your business - or relax!


3. Save money

You won't need to employ payroll staff or pay for payroll software. Our monthly fees start at $140 + GST, and we can take care of all your payroll processing. Employing payroll-trained staff costs on average $10,000 more per year than employing general accounting staff - so by working with KeyLink, you will be saving on payroll costs from day one.


4. Reduce risk

KeyLink guarantees our payroll processing work. If you get accurate data to us on-time, we guarantee your staff will be paid accurately on-time, and we'll make the correct IRD filing and payments on time.


5. Who wants to manage payroll software?

Well, we do! But you probably don't.
Payroll software can be complex and difficult to manage. Outsourcing your payroll services to  KeyLink means that all you need is email or a fax, and a phone. Our New Zealand payroll outsourcing service makes your life easier.


Bonus Reason to Outsource your NZ Payroll:

Your company is based outside New Zealand, but employs staff in NZ

No problem! KeyLink specialises in providing outsourced payroll services for international companies who are based overseas and have staff in New Zealand. We can pay your staff in New Zealand and manage your obligations to the NZ tax department.

Over the years we have become very familiar with the paycheck and payroll processing terminology used in Australia, the UK and the US - so our team can answer your payroll questions in terms that make sense to you.

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