About KeyLink's Reporting Solutions

KeyLink provides complete payroll reporting for our customers. All reports are available in PDF and Excel formats.
We can produce Excel report formats suitable for printing or analysis using pivot tables and/or importing to other applications.

The only limit to our reporting is the data you provide us.

Standard reports are:

Pay Audit - Used to enter data into accounting systems. Also see accounting interfaces

Pay Advice Detail - Used to check pay details

Pay Variance - Used to compare this pay period against the previous one

Leave Balance Report - Used to check employee leave balances and enter accruals into accounting systems

IRD Filing IRDPayDayDetail - Shows the payment details. Also see IRD filing and payments

Direct Credit - Shows payment to employees and/or IRD

Payslips - See more here

Time sheets - See more here

In addition we can configure:

HR reports

  • Employee Details
  • Remuneration
  • Deductions
  • Turnover
  • Movement

Leave Reports

  • Availability
  • Balance
  • Movement
  • Projection
  • Rates
  • Requests
  • Taken

Pay History


  • Job Costing
  • Department Costing

Time and Attendance

  • Exceptions
  • Rosters
  • Roster to work comparison
  • Paid hours
  • Coverage

We can also complete forms for:

  • WINZ
  • MSD
  • Housing NZ
  • ACC

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