Frequently asked questions

Below are a selection of the most frequent questions clients ask us. If you find that your question is not covered then do use the form provided and one of our payroll experts will reach out to you with an appropriate answer.

What sort of organisations do you process payroll for?

We process payroll for organisations:

  • With staff numbers from 1 to 500
  • Based locally and overseas with staff paid in New Zealand
  • From a wide range of industries including:                  
    • Hotels
    • Charitable Trusts
    • Financial Organisations
    • Retailers
    • Manufacturers
    • Education
    • Logistics

How do we send our payroll information to you for processing?

You send your information by e-mail.
Most of our customers fill out a simple spreadsheet.
We also process from leave requests and timesheets or from time clock systems.

What deadlines do you have?

Our standard deadline for authorised payrolls is 1100 on the day of payment.
However we will work with you to put in a system that works for you.

How do we pay our staff?

Most of our customers get us to pay their staff on their behalf.
We can also provide you with the information you can supply to your bank.

What payslip options do you offer?

We offer electronic payslips that we can automatically e-mail to your staff.
We also offer pre-printed security payslips that can be mailed directly to your staff, or sent to you for distribution.

What payroll reports do you offer and how do I get them?

We offer a wide range of payroll and accounting reports that can be e-mailed, posted or couriered to you. For more information on reporting options please contact our friendly team.

Do I still need to keep Annual Leave and Sick Leave records?

Our systems handle all forms of leave defined in the 2003 NZ Holidays Act and we provide you with updated reports at the end of each pay period.

What happens if we make a mistake with the data we send you?

Depending on your requirements we can either make an immediate correction, or one in the next pay period.

Who does the Inland Revenue returns and filing?

We can do it all. You will never need to deal with the Inland Revenue Department on payroll processing related matters while you are a KeyLink client.

Do you offer a support service for completing payroll information?

We provide a comprehensive telephone and e-mail support service on all payroll related matters to our clients.

Why not use an online payroll provider?

An online payroll provider gets you to do the hard work of entering your data.
By getting us to enter your data we check it for sanity and so you can avoid costly errors.
We also run a comprehensive scheduling system to ensure that we contact you if we haven't seen your data when we expect it.

How much does it cost?

Every customer is different and cost depends on the frequency and complexity of your payroll processing.
Costs start from $140 + GST per month.

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