Input Sheets

About KeyLink's Input Sheet Solution

Most of our customers submit their payroll information using one of our input sheets.

We configure each customer's input sheet to meet their specific needs.

We support the following types of input sheet:

  • Period detail - where the data is summarised for the complete period
  • Complete information:
    • Typically used for waged staff. Includes time worked, and on each leave type.
    • Exceptions only - Typically used for salaried staff, where their pay doesn't vary between periods.
      Time sheet includes: Leave taken, allowances and reimbursements.
  • Daily detail - Typically used for waged staff where their hours vary each day. The hours paid each day appear on the employee's payslip, so it is easy to track and fix errors.

These sheets are set up to match our customer's requirements with:

  • Pay types - any number
  • Allowances - any number
  • Staff deductions - for instance staff purchases
  • Job numbers - time can be costed to different jobs within a period
  • Work areas - time can be costed to different work areas (departments) within a period

Input sheets are in Excel format.

We can also accept input sheets generated from many time sheeting systems.

KeyLink can put together an input sheet to meet your needs.

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