KeyLink's Payslip Options

There is no requirement to provide payslips in NZ, however we recommend you do. It means that an employee can check their pay, and notify you if there is a problem before things get out of hand.

We provide many payslip so that we fit into your business, rather than you fitting in to ours.

Distribution Options

We have the following options for sending employees their payslips:

  • E-mailed to their work e-mail address (with or without a password)
  • E-mailed to their personal e-mail address (with or without a password)
  • Notified to their work e-mail address and available through Self-Service
  • Notified to their personal e-mail address and available through Self-Service
  • Printed on special security payslip stock and:
    • Mailed to a central point
    • Couriered to a central point
    • Mailed to their home address
  • Emailed as to a central point for printing and distribution

Content Options

We have a number of payslip formats, or can set up a custom format.

Options include:

  • Daily or period time detail
  • Leave Balances printed or not
  • IRD number printed or not
  • Bank Account(s) printed or not
  • Company name and logo printed
  • Company contact details
  • Custom message

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