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IRD Filing and payments

KeyLink prepares and files payroll related returns with New Zealand's Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

KeyLink prepares and electronically files:

  • EDF/IR345
    Employer Deductions Form (EDF) is also known as an IR345 and breaks down the amount paid to the IRD by payment type. It is filed once or twice monthly depending on the amount of PAYE and ESCT your organisation pays annually.
    Payment types included on the form are:
    • PAYE
    • Child Support
    • Student Loan
    • KiwiSaver Employee Deduction
    • KiwiSaver Employer Contribution
    • ESCT
  • EMS/IR348, replaced by Payday filing
    Employers Monthly Schedule is also known as an IR348. It breaks down payments by employee and payment type. It is filed once a month.
  • KED, replaced by Payday filing
    KiwiSaver Employee Details. Used to enrol new or existing employees in KiwiSaver.
    Electronic filing of KED forms replaces mailing KiwiSaver Employee Details (KS1) forms

KeyLink will also prepare and file Employer Monthly Schedule Amendments (IR344) if required.

With the advent of Payday filing, we no longer support customers who wish to file themselves.

We guarantee we will file correctly and on-time.

IRD Payments

KeyLink can make IRD payment on your behalf. See here for more details on our payment methods.

KeyLink does not prepare or file Fringe Benefit Returns. 


PAYE : Pay As You Earn. How salaried and wages New Zealands pay their income tax.

ESCT : Employer Superannuation Contribution Tax. The tax paid by employers on KiwiSaver and other Superannuation contributions. The rate is based on the employee's marginal tax rate.

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