Time and Attendance

About KeyLink's Time and Attendance

We use start and finish time information to calculate the amount of time to pay your employees, and the value of that time. It then feeds this information into the payroll system for further processing.

Time information can be provided from time clocks, online or traditional time sheets.

Time records can be:

  • Clipped to rostered start and finish times
  • Rounded, for instance to 5 minute or 15 minute intervals
  • Costed to jobs and/or departments

They can also have rules applied such as:

  • Penal rates after a certain number of hours worked per day / week or period
  • Penal rates on certain days
  • Automatic paid and unpaid break application

We sell and support ACTAtek4 time clocks and Platinum Clocking.

We support most time clocks from other suppliers that provide electronic files.

We also work with third party online rostering, and time and attendance systems.


No matter what your time clock or time and attendance requirements are, KeyLink has a solution.


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ACTAtek4 time clocks

ACTAtek time clocks are standalone units connected to an Ethernet Network. They have an IP65 rating and are suitable for industrial environments.

Authentication can be via:

  • PIN
  • Proximity Card
  • Fingerprint

ACTAtek time clocks can have an internal camera to take a photo when authentication takes place. They can prompt for and collect up to 3 job or department codes when users authenticate. They also supports a web interface for remote time collection. For example drivers can clock in and out using their phone.

Multiple ACTAtek time clocks can be synchronised so that employees can clock in and out at any location.

Platinum Clocking

Platinum Clocking is a PC based system using USB connected Hitachi Vein Scanners for authentication.

This is a low cost solution suitable for office and retail environments. Vein Scanning is very fast and tolerant of injuries to fingers. Platinum Clocking can collect one job or department code.

Mobile Time Clock

Mobile Time Clock is an option page in Employee Self Service.

Employees can use this page from their phones to record:

  • Start time
  • Finish time
  • Work Area
  • Job
  • Notes

Other time clocks

KeyLink has worked with many other time clock solutions, if your existing system can provide a Excel or CSV file we will be able to import it into our payroll system.

Online Rostering and Time and Attendance Systems

KeyLink has worked with a number of Online Rostering and Time and Attendance Systems.

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