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Statements of Earnings

01 June 2016- 4 min read


It is the time of year when Kiwis start thinking about whether they will get a tax refund or not. Some of them will ask their employers for a "Statement of Earnings" to help them.

Employees have not needed to provide Statements of Earnings since 2000, however many employees still request them. They have been replaced by the provision of Personal Tax Summaries by the IRD. You can find out more information here

KeyLink can provide Statements of Earnings in the following ways:

  1. Summary sent to the payroll contact
  2. Summary + report with one page per employee, sent to the payroll contact
  3. Summary sent to payroll contact, individual statements sent to employees as payslips

Please let KeyLink know if you would like to take up one of these options



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Evan Lyon

KeyLink owner, 25+ years experience in designing, building and running mission critical IT systems. More than 12 years experience supporting and using payroll systems.


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