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Selecting Your Payroll Service Provider

01 August 2014- 11 min read

Choosing the right payroll service provider can make a big difference to your organisation. With the wrong provider, you might find yourself dealing with extra and unnecessary headaches. A payroll provider who isn't familiar with local tax laws and current payroll regulations can cause more problems than they're worth. However, a good payroll service provider can help your business run much more smoothly.

An in-country payroll service provider is the best choice, because they will be familiar with the local laws that affect payroll, while a company located far away may not. You'll also want to take a close look at the range of services they provide. A great payroll service provider will offer a full range of payroll related services that cover everything you might possibly need, including various reports, direct credit, holiday and sick pay, and deductions like child support and student loan payments, and will then let you customize your payroll plan so that you have the exact services you need.

A high quality payroll nz provider won't make you do the work. It should be as simple as sending in the time sheets and approving the payroll when it's finished. The whole point of hiring a payroll company to take care of your payroll is to take that work off of your plate, so avoid a company that wants you to do the data entry or other work for them. In addition they will review the information you send them and check with you if anything appears to conflict with local regulations or previous instructions.

As a business owner, payroll manager or international executive you need your employees to keep your business moving, and your employees need their pay to be accurate and on time. A payroll provider that can't be relied on can cause problems that will really hurt your business. Pays that are processed accurately and on time will keep your employees happy and your company on track, without the need for you to spend too much time worrying about it.

Finally, look for great customer service in your payroll provider. When you call your payroll provider to ask a question, you should be able to speak to a professional payroll expert that is familiar with the issues that you're calling about, and familiar with your organisation. They should be able to understand your requirements and talk to you in a language that you understand. That kind of personal customer service is essential service provider. Your payroll is an integral function of your organisation, and you need a payroll provider that treats it like the priority that it is.

For the highest quality payroll nz services, you can trust KeyLink. For 1 - 500 employees our experts will manage the complete payroll process with dedication to quality, accuracy and efficiency. Contact us today to discuss your customised payroll requirements.

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