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How Easy Is Outsourcing Payroll

12 July 2014- 13 min read

The professional meaning of payroll outsourcing translates to getting in agreement with a service provider who becomes responsible for the company payroll. The service provider performs a diverse range of functions including calculation of employee salaries, tax withholdings and ensuring compliance with local laws.

Why outsource payroll?

There are complex payroll regulations in New Zealand; The Holidays Act 2003 is a prime example. Our company, KeyLink, lives and breaths all of New Zealand’s payroll legislation and regulations, so you don't need any expertise regarding the process as we can get the job done for you.

KeyLink takes into account each pay period when analysing data, which makes us well-versed with all your employees and so we can promptly answer any queries. You will also save time and money involved in hiring specialised payroll staff which can cost you $10,000 or more per year above the cost of an accounts person.

Your risk is reduced as KeyLink guarantees accurate, on-time data deliverance to ensure that your IRD filing payments and staff payments are made on correct dates.

Who typically uses this service?

Both New Zealand overseas based organisations with employees in NZ of every size, including start-ups and newly formed businesses, have been outsourcing payroll for many years. Basically any business owner under a lot of stress to put an end to the concerns associated with paying employees uses our service.

We're also aware that all businesses have slight differences in the methods of paying employees (differences in the allowances, staff contracts etc.), so we have a flexible system that can be custom configured to meet your organisation’s needs, turning complex payroll processing into a stress free solution.

KeyLink is also used by companies who have faced management difficulties and complexities involved with operating a payroll software. With our service, you only require an email id or a telephone and a fax machine. Outsourcing payroll doesn't get any simpler than with KeyLink.

The simple process that we use

We manage payrolls from 1 to 500 employees for as low as $140 a month. The process is easy and involves only a few steps:

1. You send us the time sheet data and any staff changes each pay period.

2. We process through to authorisation reports and dispatch to the you.

3. The you authorise the payroll

4. KeyLink finalises the payroll, dispatches reports, makes payments and regulatory filings.

The full range of services that can be provided

KeyLink provides a full suite of business payroll nz services that include holiday pay, sick leave, time in lieu, e-mailed or printed payslips, direct credit of salaries and wages, PAYE payments and returns, payroll giving, variable and fixed allowances and deductions, student loan payments, child support payments, KiwiSaver, phone support for payroll issues, final pays, court and IRD fine payments and lump sum payments.

We also provide reports for cost centre, home department, employee analysis, payments analysis, payroll period summary, money transfer audit, IRD and PAYE deduction, payroll period summary, employee archive, payroll register, annual leave, sick leave, labour analysis, job analysis, time in lieu and employee listings.

We can also take care of IRD if you have any issues pertaining to payroll, and for your convenience, our additional services and reports can be customised to your business requirements.

To take advantage of a full expert, customisable and hassle free payroll services, talk to the professionals at KeyLink today!

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