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Outsourced Payroll Services for Overseas Customers

01 January 2014- 10 min read

Payroll can be a difficult task to manage and perform correctly and this difficulty is amplified when performing it for staff working in another country. A completely Different set of laws and regulations, employee expectations, language barriers… The list goes on and all of these are going to make your payroll a real hassle to perform, let alone perform correctly, from your companies head office location.

The payroll options available:

  • Running a Manual Payroll System

  • Payroll Software Installed at Your Office

  • Web Based Payroll Software

  • Outsourced Payroll Service

(see Navigating Through the Red Tape Jungle for the full list of advantages and disadvantage of your payroll options)

The two main benefits of outsourcing payroll:

Specialised Payroll NZ Knowledge

We have an in depth understanding of New Zealand tax and legal regulations regarding payroll.  IRD, PAYE, KiwiSaver, Child Support, Student Loans, WINZ, Ministry of Justice, Annual Leave, Public Holidays, Parental Leave… All the things that we worry about so that you don’t have to! These are regularly updated and as we live and breath NZ payroll, we are always up to date.

Easy Management

Once you are all set up all you need to do is provide us with a timesheet and we do the rest! No time consuming data input or data processing as we take care of it all.

The Keylink Difference:

Easy Access to Information

You will have access to Payroll NZ Officers who will have an in depth knowledge of your payroll. We dedicate time to relationship building with our clients to ensure that the communication channel is always open and easily accessible to you. You will receive real person to person help and advice when required with direct answers to your questions and solutions to your needs.

Specialised Overseas Account Management

We specialise in dealing companies based overseas with workers in New Zealand. We are familiar with the payroll terminology that is used overseas which helps us to both understand and explain to both your overseas head office and New Zealand based employees .

The Next Step?

If you want to save time, save money and the reduce risk involved in managing your New Zealand payroll from overseas, Keylink outsourced payroll services are your solution. From 1 employees to 500, we can manage your payroll locally from just $140 NZD per month.

Contact the friendly team at Keylink on +64 9 280 0328 or request a quote below.

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