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Customising Your Outsourced Payroll NZ

09 June 2014- 9 min read

This is important, because each organisation has different needs. Whether your organisation has hourly or salaried employees or both, whether you pay your leave in Days or Hours or both, no matter what your Superannuation calculations or allowances.

When you initially setup your account with KeyLink, you will work with a team member to discuss your organisation’s exact payroll needs. You'll be talking to a professional payroll expert, not a customer service representative that isn't familiar with the laws and regulations surrounding NZ payroll. Your skilled payroll specialist will work with you to determine which of the many possible services the company offers will help your business most.

KeyLink offers a large number of payroll nz services. Do you need customised reports, fixed or variable deductions, or direct credit services? Our payroll service offers all of this and more. If you want to change your services or have a question, you'll be able to contact your payroll specialist at any time. You won't have to call and try to explain your company and payroll needs from the ground up to someone who has no idea what you need, because you'll have access to a professional payroll provider that knows your business.

Once you get your account and services set up, there isn't much else for you to do. KeyLink is a full service payroll provider. We don't expect you to do the data entry or other tasks that are really their job. Instead, you simply send us the time sheet data and approve your payroll once it's finished. It's really that simple. The purpose of hiring a payroll provider is to save yourself time, money, and the hassle of having to keep up with payroll laws and tax regulations. KeyLink does all of that, and they make it easy for you, because that's what you're paying for.

Even if your business is not NZ based, KeyLink can help you with your NZ payroll for your employees that are based here . If you have employees in NZ, it's a good idea to hire a local company, because they'll be up to date on all of the local laws, regulations, and tax codes that a payroll provider needs to know. KeyLink is the perfect solution for an overseas company with NZ based employees.

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