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KeyLink - Payroll Migration to KeyLink

26 August 2015- 14 min read

The team at KeyLink have migrated 100’s of payrolls to our payroll system. We have experience migrating from Ace, MYOB, MYOB Exo, IMS and many more. We can even migrate you from your manual or spreadsheet system.

The migration process normally takes 2 weeks, however we have done migrations more quickly when required.

The steps we go through are:

1. Configure your Payroll

We enter your Company’s details into our payroll system. These details include:

  • Company Name
  •          IRD Number and filing frequency
  •          Bank Account Number
  •          Pay types, e.g. salary, wages, allowances
  •          Leave types in addition to the standard Annual, Sick, Bereavement, Public Holidays,          Alternate Public Holidays e.g. Time in Lieu
  •          Your departments and locationsYour Pay Period(s)

2. Setup Banking Arrangements

We have 4 ways of making payments to your staff, please see here for more details.

3. Load Employees

To do this we will need to know your employee’s details.

If you have an existing payroll system we will be able to extract the information we require from it.

If you are a new employer, we will give you a new employee form to be filled out for each new employee.

Information we require includes:

  •          Name
  •          IRD Number
  •          Tax Code
  •          KiwiSaver status
  •          Pay Rate(s)
  •          Bank Account
  •          Standard Hours (where appropriate)
  •          Leave Balances (if any)
  •          E-mail address

4. Load History

So that your employees’ Annual Leave Rate is calculated correctly we will load at least 12 months of pay history.

So that we can provide you historical reports we will try and load your complete pay history from your existing system.

The minimum information we need is the gross earnings eligible for Annual Leave and the time worked each pay period for the last 12 months. If the complete leave and pay history is available, we will load them.

5. Parallel Runs

We run your last two payrolls and compare them with your current system.

We discuss any discrepancies between our calculation and your existing system with you to ensure your first pay run goes smoothly.

6. Go-Live

 The day you have been waiting for. You can rely on KeyLink to look after your payroll for you.

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