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19 February 2015- 10 min read

What’s not to love about payroll? From calculating and filing PAYE to tracking various types of leave, there are a lot of moving parts when processing payroll. With little room for error, getting it right the first time is essential. New Zealand payroll outsourcing gives companies access to expert service that takes the headache out of payroll processing.

What are the advantages of hiring payroll nz experts?

A payroll outsourcer can streamline the processes and improve greater accuracy across the board. Time-saving solutions give businesses the advantage of getting all of the perks of having professional payroll support without the added overhead costs associated with hiring a full team. Reporting solutions provide a snapshot of expenses, labour costs, and tax responsibilities. New hire, paid time off, general ledger and payroll liability reporting solutions offer instant access to reliable, up to date data. All data supplied is confidential and protected to support compliance requirements. Benefits like KiwiSaver and Car Allowances are conveniently handled in a managed payroll solution.

Assessing the benefits of payroll solutions

• Increase accuracy by eliminating manual processes

• Improve compliance in processing

• Issue timely payments to employees via direct deposit

• House company data and employee information in just one solution

How do payroll services work?

Information about employees is conveniently tracked within the solution. Employees and Managers submit data, and all activity is tracked with the HR components. Hours are tallied up and tax liability information is stored in the system. Employees and the IRD are paid through direct deposit. All of the information collected is then incorporated into the necessary reporting, to that they are available upon request.

Flexible solutions to meet in-house business needs

Some employers pay weekly or fortnightly while others may make payments on a monthly basis. While most pay the KiwiSaver Employer on top of their Employee’s pay, some have contracts where they don’t. Employers also have a range of ways that they interpret the Holidays Act. The fact is, all businesses have their own set of unique challenges to consider. Outsourced payroll challenges give employers the flexibilty they need to develop the plan that fits their needs. New Zealand outsourced payroll solutions can be adapted for small,  medium-sized and large businesses based in any country.

Payroll expenses, tax liabilities and HR data are all managed using KeyLink’s NZ services. A payroll nz provider can reduce chances of inaccuracies and save a company in overhead costs. A business can afford to have access to reliable payroll experts without having to hire an entire team of payroll professionals.

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