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IR transformation

11 April 2020- 4 min read


The IRD are in the process of replacing their mainframe system and improving their business processes. This year's outage is scheduled for 1500 Thursday 9 April 2020 through morning of 16 April 2020. Online and phone services are unavailable through this time.

The main payroll related benefits you will see are:

  • KiwiSaver contributions and deductions will get to providers faster
  • PAYE payments will be allocated and reconciled faster
  • Your account in myIR will be easier to understand
  • Notifications from the IRD will be in a better format.
  • Student Loan notifications will be faster

You can read more here:



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Evan Lyon

KeyLink owner, 25+ years experience in designing, building and running mission critical IT systems. More than 12 years experience supporting and using payroll systems.


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