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Employees who don't want to work

09 May 2020- 5 min read


You can find guidance here:
Look for the table about 1/3rd the way down and the section: Employee is not at the workplace, cannot work from home, and is not sick.
Note the * by Leave Without Pay.
* If the employer is receiving a subsidy from the Wage Subsidy Scheme or the COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme, all named employees must receive a minimum payment depending on their circumstances.

So the short of it is:

  • Ensure the work place is safe
  • If the employee is on the Wage Subsidy
    • Pay at least that
    • Move them to Leave Support Scheme
  • Otherwise either:
    • Apply for the Leave Support Scheme for the employee
    • Employee uses leave
    • As a last resort, work though a disciplinary process



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