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COVID-19 and KeyLink #1

18 March 2020- 4 min read

KeyLink Payroll Services are committed to timely and accurate payroll processing for the Employees of our Customers.

We have business continuity plans in place to cope with the following events:

  • Our Staff are unable to get to our office
  • We lose Internet access at our office

We have the ability for staff to work from home and we have a secondary site. Your data is replicated to that site each hour.

We have recently hired another staff member to improve our ability to cope with staff unavailability.

In some ways I feel like my years of business continuity planning prior to owning KeyLink and my father working in what is now known as the Department of Population Health at the University of Auckland Medical School, has prepared me for times like this.

We wish you all the best for your Employees, their families, your families and your business through these interesting times.

Evan Lyon
Director - KeyLink Payroll Services



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Evan Lyon

Evan Lyon

KeyLink owner, 25+ years experience in designing, building and running mission critical IT systems. More than 12 years experience supporting and using payroll systems.


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