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Is It Time For Outsourced Payroll?

24 June 2014- 8 min read

Payroll management is no easy task- there are intricate processes involved in payroll processing like computing of the payroll taxes, updating records to ensure integrity of the payroll database, and communicating with the respective employees. It will save your business a lot of unnecessary headaches if you choose an outsourced payroll service provider.

The cost implications of managing an in house payroll are huge. Apart from the initial cost of purchasing the application and setting it up, there are many related overheads that will follow. You will typically hire full-time staff to manage the payroll for you. This will ultimately lead to more expenditure not only in the recruitment process but also in setting up their offices as well as the remuneration. You can avoid incurring all these costs by using an outsourced payroll.

The time needed to manage a payroll is another important consideration. The entire procedure of processing the payroll including making payments, computation of the relevant taxes as well as filing the tax returns will take a lot of time. If all this was outsourced, your business would save a lot of time, time that could be harnessed for the growth of the business.

The government penalises many small and even large businesses annually for lateness as well as erroneous filing of the tax returns. The best way to avoid this eventuality is to use an outsourced payroll from a professional firm that is experienced in dealing with such returns in line with the tax administration act of 1994. The chances of mistakes in the filing will be less and if they do occur, the firm you outsource to will take full liability.

KeyLink is a market leader in payroll nz management services. We boast a large client base of clients in all sectors. We do not use a blanket solution for all our clients but we tailor make a package that is most suitable for your business. When you outsource payroll administration to us, you can expect nothing short of the best service. We provide solutions for small business owners, international executives as well as payroll managers.

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