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KeyLink Mission Statement

KeyLink will deliver high quality, cost effective and efficient service to all our clients, from the smallest to the largest employer.

  • We understand that payroll can be a very sensitive area for employees and a burden to employers. Our goal is to assist our clients in a transparent and seamless manner.
  • The needs of our clients will always be our first priority. We will be proactive and as much as possible customise our services to suit the needs of each individual client.
  • Our team will be prompt, accurate, efficient, courteous and professional. 
  • Security and confidentiality is be at the forefront of our considerations.
  • Our clients are human and are entitled to make mistakes; we will endeavour to get it right every time, and our team target for mistakes is zero.
  • We solve any problems that occur quickly and gracefully no matter how they occured. Once the problem is solved we will work on making sure the problem won't reoccur.
  • Any systems we deploy will seek to liberate us and our clients from burden, and not to enslave us to any system.
  • We support and inform our clients of their obligations in the compliance and administration of their payroll and we will use any resources at our disposal to achieve this goal.
  • We respect that our clients are ultimately responsible for the decisions and policies that affect their business.

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